Iron Maiden Artist Tours
Tours around New York City with innovative artists 

Iron Maiden Artist Tours (IMAT) commissions New York artists to create tours informed by their art practice or knowledge base, and lead them from the front seat of Naomi Miller's 1978 Volvo station wagon, the Iron Maiden. Two ticketed passengers sit in the backseat; the project artist and the tour artist lead from the front. Designed as a self-sustaining economy, income from the tours funds the artist honorariums and the vehicle's yearly expenses.

IMAT welcomes an audience into the artist's thinking process by taking his or her concepts and projects out of the studio and illustrating them in the larger world. Akin to a studio visit on wheels, the tours are often multi-stopped and run approximately four to six hours. The tours engage artists and arts aficionados in immersive conversation and shared experience. By placing artists in the front seats, the tours value what artists have to offer outside of traditional, object-based commerce, and give art-buyers an intimate experience with the creative process of art making. 

Each tour is commissioned by IMAT, premiers for a season, then is available upon request.